Culture and governance for charities and not-for-profits in the pandemic era

  • Recent events highlight the reputational damage and financial loss that occur when there is a disconnect between a not-for-profit’s stated values and policies and their actions.
  • Many not-for-profits are currently under financial pressure as fundraising becomes more difficult, volunteers are not as available, and personnel are required to work remotely.
  • Charities and not-for-profits should be focusing on culture and the underpinning governance arrangements.

Recent well publicised events in corporate Australia have clearly demonstrated that values statements, corporate governance policies and the like, no matter how well intentioned and how well written are not effective to save companies from reputational damage and financial loss if they are not actually followed within the organisation.

Not-for-profits and charities are no less susceptible to this danger, and a significant loss of reputation could seriously undermine your ability to continue to raise funds and to carry out your stated objects.

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