Corporate advisory boards: Try before you buy?

  • CABs can provide an additional strategic resource to the incumbent directors and a sounding board for management.
  • A CAB acts as an independent source of information, ideas and resource for the company’s directors and executive with a mandate based on the focus the organisation requires.
  • CABs are increasingly popular with SMEs as they can provide a springboard for growth.

It is undeniable that the past few months have brought challenges and disruption to businesses around the world.

As we begin looking to the future and evolving how we do business, we should be considering ways to remain resilient, help mitigate these difficult circumstances, and work to reset the compass.

Bringing in expert advice, injecting additional experience and keeping costs down can help drive this resilience and help you progress through challenging times. Corporate Advisory Boards (CABs) offer these benefits — and many more — and could therefore be something to consider, particularly if you are a growth-focused small to medium enterprise (SME), or a listed company with specific skill requirements.

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