Six steps to greater employee engagement

  • Only 15 per cent of the Australia’s employees are engaged at work.
  • To build a happy, productive, loyal, highly engaged team prioritise and nurture the heart before the brain.
  • This article outlines six highly effective proven steps to employee engagement.

One of the greatest challenges Australian businesses currently face is the attraction and retention of talent. Intelligent, honest, hard-working employees are critical to any organisation’s ongoing success, but now more than ever, good people are hard to find — and they are even harder to hold on to! To ensure employee job fulfilment, loyalty and maximum ROI, the key ingredient that is so often missing is engagement.

In a recent Gallup poll, it was revealed that only 15 per cent of the Australia’s employees are engaged at work, and most disengaged employees would change employers right now for as little as a five percent pay increase.1 

Many organisations believe that strong leadership, and an exclusive focus on the development of their leaders, is the key to a winning culture and high levels of engagement. They are mistaken. Leadership is not the heart of your organisation. The heart of your organisation is its people and their contribution. Without actively engaged employees, the leadership message cannot be heard, and businesses must recognise that an organisation's vitality and capacity for organic growth is inextricably tied to the everyday experiences of its employees. 

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