Bringing clarity to our organisational values

In December 2019, Governance Institute Board approved the 2020–2025 strategic plan. The creation of that plan was an exercise in which our executive management team had broadly canvassed input from all staff. The plan drew on our collective experience, our understanding of the vision and purpose of Governance Institute and the pathways through we could collaboratively and in our individual roles deliver a sound strategy. This inclusion in the strategic planning process is one that built on the strong sense of shared ownership and trust that we have in the organisation and in our leadership.

A key piece in the 2020–2025 strategy document was the values of the organisation. Our CEO Megan Motto reached out to us asking for our participation in unpacking the values. She also asked for four volunteers for a working group to drill down into how effectively the expressed values reflected the overall strategy and vision. The purpose was to lend clarity to who we are as an organisation and how the expressed values — Integrity. Courage. Service Excellence. Collaboration — define us. The working group used a series of questions to give context to the discussion.

  • How are these values represented by each of us who work at Governance Institute in our daily functions, our roles and our behaviour when engaging with our members and stakeholders?
  • What are the shared expectations for conduct and behaviour that will help deliver the organisational mission and anchor its culture?
  • As a membership association of long standing how will these values help us to reinforce and sustain the trust of our members and stakeholders?

We then considered and shared what the four values meant for us, what they represented in our personal and professional experience. It was clear that while each value had particular meaning for different people, the spirit was the same. And that spirit was about connecting our individual roles to the common purpose and culture of Governance Institute. We also considered the types of behaviour that did not represent the value so that the lines were clearly defined. We then distilled the essence of what each of the chosen values means for Governance Institute as an organisation and for us as individuals who work here.

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