Security and privacy issues when working from home

  • While the workplace may have moved, employer obligations around cyber security, privacy laws and WHS continue.
  • Services such as Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams have been adopted by some organisations without proper security risk assessment of the technology and adequate training of staff.
  • Employers need to start preparing for new and different challenges as home isolation starts to dissipate.

Organisations should remember that their obligations around cyber security, privacy laws and Work Health and Safety (WHS) continue even if employees are working from home.

‘The workplace has simply moved to another location,’ says Alison Baker, a partner at law firm Hall & Wilcox.

‘That means you should still be complying with the federal privacy act and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), in particularly APP 11, which requires you to take all reasonable steps to ensure you protect the personal information you collect.’

A first step in doing this involves ensuring your IT security and systems re up to scratch.

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