Ploughing on: Supply chains in agriculture in the COVID-19 era

  • Supply chain risks and opportunities post COVID-19 are shaping up to be material and preparation by governance professionals will be critical for success into the future.
  • Australian agriculture has vulnerabilities on both the supply and demand side and governance professionals should be aware of the need to support their businesses as they plan for the future.
  • This article provides useful questions for governance and risk professionals to consider and better manage supply chain risks in a post-COVID-19 era.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has taken Australia and the world largely by surprise. Coming after severe drought conditions and fires in eastern Australia, concerns have been raised by some people about Australian food and fibre security. These concerns are understandable but misplaced. Despite temporary shortages of some food items in supermarkets caused by an unexpected surge in demand, Australia does not have a food or fibre security problem.

In Australian agriculture, advisors, consultants and professionals supplying services and advice to the sector, should be acutely aware of the coming changes post-COVID-19 are likely to have on the sector. Here I explore further issues related to supply chains that governance professionals ought to be considering when thinking through client problems and decision making for these businesses.

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