Interview — Jason Brown — Maximise certainty to deal with uncertainty

In this month’s interview, Jason Brown, National Security Director for Thales in Australia and New Zealand speaks about making decisions in an atmosphere of uncertainty.

During a career in risk management spanning over 36 years in government and private sector, Jason Brown, National Security Director for Thales in Australia and New Zealand, and Chair of the International Standards Committee for Risk Management (ISO TC262) has had a keen sense of the need to be comfortable with a certain degree of uncertainty in risk management, especially in a crisis.

‘One of the great experiences in work-life is starting from the bottom rung and then working your way pretty much to the top of your profession. I’ve been lucky enough to have that experience. At the start of your career you are really focused on what I call operational and process judgments. Questions like, will what I am doing today work tomorrow? You tend to think less about the long-term consequences or about the relationship between the decisions you make and the things you do, and how they roll on to impact on other longer-term events. As you go up the ladder and have to supervise larger groups of people, you have to think about how the directions you give and the decisions you make flow on to the outcomes of the activities that the people, who are reporting to you, undertake.’ 

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