Information governance key to good corporate governance

  • The key to good information governance is to align data and information governance with overall strategic objectives.
  • Directors are confronting both opportunities and challenges in the digital age and require strong information governance.
  • A recent survey revealed that implementing an information governance framework is a key area of importance.

Information governance, data protection and security, privacy, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI) have all become critical topics for boards and government bodies to consider. Historically, the issues tended to be dealt with under either ‘IT’ issues or records and information compliance issues. In recent years, the importance of cybersecurity, AI and data analytics together with changing privacy regulations have brought new governance challenges to the forefront of the minds of directors.

There are common themes in the surveys of top issues confronting boards of directors, which have been carried out in recent years. These include the opportunities and challenges arising from technology innovation and disruption, the overriding concern of cybersecurity and data breach, which is highlighting the importance of information security, and regulatory compliance, including changing privacy regulations.

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