Supporting each other during COVID-19 isolation

  • Following the devastating bushfires and now social distancing to limit the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), resilience in the workplace will be slowly decreasing and tensions will be rising
  • Managers will have the challenging task of maintaining business continuity, but also navigating employee relationships and creating an environment that encourages unity and teamwork.
  • Recognise your own stress signature and give yourself the time and space you need to recover and restore when you can.

Each day new announcements are made and changes to our daily lives and work are put into place. After the amazing solidarity the nation displayed as bushfires ravaged the country, we are now being called upon to work together to help those most vulnerable to COVID-19. So, in a time of uncertainty, it is imperative that we recognise fear and anxiety and help each other find a way to focus on being our best selves 

Social distancing and isolation can be detrimental to maintaining the connections that many organisations depend upon for productivity. With more and more employees working from home the need to fast track the uptake of technology is just one challenge being faced. New technology invariably requires new ways of communicating and connecting and is a skill which does need to be developed, therefore supporting the different needs of employees is something most workplaces are well aware of but these unprecedented times pose new challenges.

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