CEO Memo: Finding new ways in challenging times

We are certainly facing unique times, with coronavirus (COVID-19) changing where we work, how we work and, in some cases, if we work at all. We are seeing the wider community becoming aware of risk management and how we all play a part.

As we approach AGM season, many are scrambling to hold their meeting in accordance with the social distancing restrictions in place, while still upholding their legal requirements, highlighting some key failings of the laws governing AGMs.

Many organisations are turning to alternatives to the traditional AGM, swiftly looking at contingencies for AGMs, but at the same time facing hurdles such as restrictions on the ability to use technology to hold meetings and communicate with shareholders, or use electronic signatures on documents.

Meanwhile, many of our members are leading the way with the use of technology, encouraging their staff to work from home to avoid public spaces and transport. Others are respecting the safety of workmates and clients by using work from home rosters, to adhere to social distancing requirements and allow clients to safely visit their offices when needed.

We are seeing the wider community becoming aware of risk management and how we all play a part.

At Governance Institute, we have embraced the shift, with our Australia-wide workforce now working from home and all of our training — short courses and postgraduate — at least temporarily being offered entirely online. We are also increasing our delivery of webinars, pulling leading experts from across the nation to provide our members with cutting-edge information and training.

With so many now working from home, the lines between home and work life have significantly blurred, creating the need for balance more than ever. For those not used to working from home, I encourage you to get some tips on how to work remotely — how to focus and stay on track as well as the importance of taking breaks and shutting off at the end of the day.

Make the most of the extra time to yourself, take on some extra training, learn a language, do something you have always wanted to but not had the time. I encourage you to enjoy virtual catch-ups with a coffee or a glass of wine. Above all, please pick up the phone and check in on colleagues, friends and family.

I look forward to shaking hands with many of you when we make it to the other side.

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