President’s commentary — Influence, Strategy, Impact

Governance Institute's mid-year flagship forums are shaping up to be the best yet. The Governance and Risk Management Forum will run in five cities — Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne — from 8 May to 20 May.  The theme this year is built around the keywords — Influence, Strategy, Impact. The three words frame a two-day agenda that unpacks some of the critical issues that drive how we as governance and risk management professionals function in the coming year or two.

The influence that boards bring to bear in framing organisational mission and strategy and the engagement model between board and management is where we open discussion on Day One — the governance day. It then features a national and state policy and economic overview and the regulatory panel. A series of presentations, interactive focus sessions and panels look at the frameworks for transparency and accountability, the psychology of decision-making and the very urgent drivers for ESG integration. The popular company secretaries’ panel will look at the expanding role of the company secretary and the challenges for 2020–2021.

On Day Two we turn our attention to the reinforcement of risk management as an anchor for good governance. At a time of volatility and change, we consider the attributes of leadership when dealing with a crisis and the collaborative and cross-functional strategies to deal with crises. We look at the centrality of non-financial risks, the building of a fit-for-purpose risk assurance framework, the inherent risks posed to business models by the factors it relies upon and the management of those risks. The chief risk officer panel examines an effective risk appetite statement that secures board and executive alignment.

You will find these forums are rich with practical strategies and takeaways. 

The common thread through the two days is effective strategy, the influence that the people accountable can bring to bear to implement that strategy, and the impact of good strategy and sound risk management on organisational value.

All of this is delivered by superb speaker panels in each state that includes world champion aerial skier Jacqui Cooper, renowned Western Australian former Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan, QBE Group Chief Executive Patrick Regan, Mark Allison, CEO, Elders, Andrea Staines, Non-executive Director, Sealink and Uniting Care and many others.


You will find these forums are rich with practical strategies and takeaways. It is an unmatched mid-year space to meet with your peers and sector leaders; to share, refresh and enhance strategies for insightful governance and intelligent risk management.

Our annual general meeting will be held at the forum in Adelaide on 8 May and I looking forward to seeing many of you there.

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