The key to breaking through organisational inertia

  • Industry-changing companies are thriving on exponential thinking that enables experimentation, continuous improvement, and growth.
  • Exponential value involves shifting from an incremental mindset of improvement to an exponential mindset of improvement and change.
  • Successful transformations require a commitment to ‘unlearning’ ingrained and outdated management practice.

In an environment of COVID chaos most of us are not consumed with organisational strategy but are instead overwhelmed with managing day-to-day operational challenges. And fair enough. Organisations that can respond and adapt to a changing and turbulent economic environment are the ones most likely to prosper. Those that cannot or do not adapt, just won’t.

The truly good leaders know that it is their responsibility to establish the foundation, or the vision, for what success needs to look like. To walk the talk. If leaders cannot inspire action, then where will it come from?

Strategic vision doesn’t simply come from a business case or a power point, it comes from the people. In fact, meaningful strategy doesn’t come from a whiteboard or an off-site executive weekend either. Successful leaders create the building blocks from which thinking momentum originates, developing into purposeful strategy, meaningful metrics, optimum execution and successful outcomes. Today, they need to be hands on, off and in.

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