Sport is big business: What are some key risk areas?

  • A March 2020 report found that the Australian sports industry contributed more than $14 billion to Australia’s GDP.
  • Sport is becoming more commercial and with increased commerciality comes increased risk.
  • Clear and appropriate policies that guide behaviour and are followed from the top down are essential in minimising the risk an organisation faces.

Sport is big business. It is no longer something we sit down to watch on a Sunday afternoon or something we enrol our children in, to compete on Saturday mornings. Whether we engage in sport by participating or by spectating, there would be few Australians who are not involved in the industry to some degree.

Research has shown that the last few years has seen significant growth in the sports industry. A recent report titled ‘Exploring the size and growth of potential of the Sport Industry in Australia’ released in March 2020 found that:

  • in 2016–2017, the Australian sports industry:
    • contributed $14.4 billion to Australia’s GDP
    • generated $32.2 billion in sales
    • supported 128,000 full-time jobs.
  • between 2012/13 and 2016/17, the sports industry grew by 17 per cent.

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