President’s commentary — A big year for governance professionals

Well, here we are, 2020 is up and running and at the time of writing (late January) I find myself in Warners Bay on Lake Macquarie NSW and just six weeks ago I was on the other side of our country in Fremantle WA. In the last month, I have also enjoyed family visitors from Adelaide, Canberra and Toronto, Canada. I also know that I'll be in Brisbane / Gold Coast later this year.

None of the above is business related — in fact it’s all about family. But for this Tasmanian who is now your President, it gives me pause to reflect on some of the parallels I have seen to our local, national and international environments and how the practice of ‘good governance’ underpins reliability and confidence in sound societal outcomes.

There are plenty of ‘big issues’ around us which are called out often enough by many commentators… climate change, rights of the customer, modern slavery, equity, diversity, gender, ageism and other forms of discrimination, to name a few. Governance Institute Australia too, rightly advocates for good regulation and practice in these areas and frequently advocates for members and the broader community as a trusted and independent voice.

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