Going digital — taking your AGMs and investor relations events online

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  • Digital events can enhance shareholder engagement, in particular by being made available online after they have taken place.
  • Consider technical aspects of the broadcast, such as internet connection and audio and visual requirements, to ensure a professional broadcast.
  • To maximise the benefits of data collection only ask for information that will be useful, to avoid deterring the audience with a laborious registration process.

digital AGM

Australian boards and management teams are recognising the benefits of taking annual general meetings (AGMs) and investor relations events online. Over the last 20 years, organisations have been using technology to increase engagement, attendance and interaction. Hosting an online event alongside the planning required for a standard AGM could be a daunting prospect. However, there are a number of steps that can be taken to ensure a digital event runs smoothly and even enhances overall shareholder engagement.

When organising a digital event, it’s best to take a strategic approach. Think about what the event should achieve and work backwards. For example, it could be to record high attendance figures, to be able to make the event available online to those who could not attend in person, or it might simply be to fulfil the administrative requirement of holding a particular event.

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