The future of the governance professional

  • New report from Governance Institute predicts changes to the role of the governance professional by 2025.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning in business will change the role of the company secretary by making the role more interesting.
  • Governance professionals will still need to have a solid understanding of financial, legal and IT issues, but will also require a greater range of soft skills.

A new study on the future of the governance professionals paints a picture where boards will increasingly face more complexity, regulatory oversight, technology disruption and reporting demands from stakeholders.

The study, conducted by Governance Institute of Australia in May, consisted of three parts: eleven initial interviews with leading governance professionals, an online survey which drew 285 responses and a roundtable attended by ten governance experts.

First, some good news. Although just over a third of study’s online respondents believed technology will disrupt their role by 2025, most participants across all parts of the research agreed that there will still be a need for humans to oversee machines and to make qualitative judgments.

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