How avoiding speaking opportunities could hurt your leadership career

  • Only 19 per cent of respondents in a global survey believed that their senior executives had excellent visibility.
  • Speaking opportunities are an opportunity to build meaningful connections and engagement with the people that follow you.
  • Leaders distinguish themselves in their ability to create clarity and speaking is an opportunity to reinforce your narrative and create organisational clarity.

head in the sand

While technology-driven change is accelerating around the world, the 2019 State of the Sector — a global survey of the internal communication profession — found that face-to-face remains one of the most effective communication channels for leaders. Conferences, roadshows and employee town halls were still considered to be the most effective face-to-face channels by 85 per cent of participants. And yet, when asked, only 19 per cent of respondents believed that their senior executives had excellent visibility.

It’s interesting to note that while leaders were rated low in visibility, they were said to be effective communicators by 57 per cent of respondents. With the combination of skills and opportunity, the question remains as to why leaders would not take advantage of speaking opportunities and how avoiding these could hurt your leadership and professional potential?

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