Strategy for engaging with regulators

  • Does your business have a strategy in place to deal with regulators?
  • A recently released green paper from Governance Institute of Australia in partnership with LexisNexis discusses who is the custodian of regulatory engagement within a business and how culture, remuneration and transparency of information can help businesses re-establish trust while adequately dealing with regulators.
  • Submissions on the green paper on engaging with regulators are due on 28 August 2019.


Following the fallout from the banking royal commission, companies, particularly those in the financial services sector, will need to adapt to a very different regulatory environment and are on notice that they now need to change their approach to dealing with regulators.

Against that background, Governance Institute surveyed members in March this year in order to gain greater insight into members’ current strategy for dealing with regulators. In May this year, Governance Institute and LexisNexis convened a roundtable of distinguished participants to further explore the rapidly changing regulatory environment post the banking royal commission. 

Governance Institute of Australia in partnership with LexisNexis is now encouraging relevant organisations and other key stakeholders to comment on the recently released green paper Strategy for engaging with regulators.

The green paper can be accessed here on Governance Institute’s website and the closing date for submissions is 28 August 2019.

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