Cyber health and safety: Directors’ duties

  • Operational technology is being adapted for competitive benefit but it is not subject to the same level of scrutiny as traditional IT.
  • Changing the lens of cyber resilience must include the safety of people.
  • Understanding true cyber risk requires bringing both IT and OT together.

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Almost every week a new cyber incident hits the media — personal information released on the dark web, Silicon Valley tech giants causing public outrage due to unethical collection or use of data, or accusations of state sponsored espionage.

Locally, we are seeing wave after wave of high profile cyber incidents, from Melbourne Heart Group’s targeted malware attack encrypting the medical records of 15,000 patients, to the valuation records of Landmark White 137,500 customers being released on a dark web forum, and even the Australian parliament computing network being breached. While the media appears to be focused on high profile issues involving privacy, interference or financial losses, there is a disturbing lack of publicity about the increasing risk to what we should all hold most dear — the potential impact on human life.

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