Leading your team through change? Don’t forget the unchanging

  • Change can be problematic because of our limited understanding of how change is experienced at a human level.
  • We are conditioned to be reactive towards what is changing or inspired by what needs changing that we neglect the ‘unchanging’.
  • The three key capabilities to deal with change are creativity, communication and control.

Road signs pointing in opposite directions

Leaders often find change a challenging prospect, not least because the change that is thrust upon us has a tendency to upend our carefully thought-through strategies whilst the change we try to implement ourselves is often resisted by our own teams, customers and communities.

Part of the problem lies in our limited understanding of how change is experienced at a human level, however, it is also amplified by our limited frame of reference. In other words, our view of change is rather too narrow.

Our belief is that change is in fact informed by 3 Spheres of Change and that a complete change strategy must include an accounting for how all of these spheres interact and for the skill sets and strategic tools required to navigate the differing requirements of each of them.

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