Greater emotional intelligence is your key to superior team performance

  • When emotionally aware, we are more able to trust our capability and employ a growth mindset.
  • Self-supporting teams help to present arguments, analyse and learn logical decision-making.
  • Appreciation of emotional intelligence and cultural awareness is fast becoming a strategic advantage and will in the future be more of a market disrupter than robots and digital technologies.

Brain shape made from blue wool linked to red heart made of red wool

‘Leadership has little to do with authority, management acumen, or even being in charge. True leadership is about empowering others to achieve things they didn’t think possible.’ Simon Sinek

As a leader, would you like to be respected for your strength of character, resilience, strategic awareness, strong sense of purpose and your empowerment of others? Would you like to inspire others to grow and fulfil their dreams, to make a difference, and experience improved wellbeing, connection, and longevity? Leading by trust indicates your willingness to share your environment and place others needs above your own. As an emotionally intelligent leader, when you can harness and network the power of the collective, you open up a world of employee empowerment, strategy, innovation and opportunity.

Our level of emotional intelligence is a measure of how we challenge ourselves to collaborate, how we employ our curiosity to dig into conversations, are centred and positively engage in our world, and are accepting of our surrounds. Appreciation of big-picture awareness is fully dependent on how much we empathise and engage with all aspects of life. We need to know what defines our capability before self-awareness for emotional and social intelligence can flourish. To establish a leadership cultural competence and strategic awareness, we need to understand how we influence our environment for sustained employee wellbeing and growth.

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