Acting for You, May 2019

As members working for ASIC regulated entities would be aware, ASIC has recently issued its draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS) for the ASIC funding model for 2018–19. This CRIS provides information on how ASIC will implement the industry funding model and recover both its fees for service and the costs of ASIC’s regulatory activities from each industry sub-sector for the financial year 2018–19. Once ASIC has had an opportunity to consider stakeholder feedback on the draft CRIS it will publish the final CRIS in May 2019.

ASIC will issue invoices for the actual regulatory costs in January 2020. The actual levies will be calculated after ASIC has finalised its actual costs of regulating each subsector in 2018–19 and the actual business activity metrics have been submitted on the ASIC regulatory portal in July to September 2019. ASIC will issue an update via a Dashboard report in December 2019.

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