Leverage reward and recognition strategies to drive culture

  • Reward programs reveal a lot about the culture of an organisation.
  • Successful reward programs should encourage desirable behaviour and clearly signal behaviour that is undesirable.
  • Place priority on not only what people achieve, but also how they go about it.

Business people holding cutout of yellow trophy

The decisions that are reached about who is recognised for what reasons communicate a lot about an organisation’s culture. Reflect for a moment on what types of behaviours leaders in your organisation are encouraging (or discouraging) through reward and recognition decisions. To what extent does your organisation make behaviours matter when it comes time to make pay, bonus or promotion decisions. 

The purpose of reward and recognition programs is to influence emotion, thinking and ultimately behaviour. Understanding the link between how people are acknowledged through praise or benefit, and the influence that in turn has on not only their own behaviour but that of other people is critical.

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