Don’t live in a glass house! Practical tips to get your house in order

  • Effective and clear corporate governance practices can be critical when selling your business, raising capital and arranging financing. 
  • This article examines simple but effective steps businesses can take to refine their corporate governance practices to increase efficiency and promote investor confidence.
  • All levels of stakeholders within a business should work together to keep their house in order.

Window squeegee cleaning dirty window

As any good real estate agent will tell you, a neat and tidy house will set you up for success when selling your property. And, as any good lawyer will tell you, neat and tidy corporate governance practices will set you up for success when selling your business (and in many other situations including raising capital, financing or refinancing).

Corporate governance traditionally comprises three major areas, being:

  • a framework for internal management
  • a system of checks and balances between the board, management and shareholders
  • a system by which the objectives of a business are set and measured.

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