What you need to know about leadership and the generational divide

  • Basing a leadership discussions on which generation is better will not result in meaningful change.
  • However, you need to navigate the generational divide to develop your career.
  • Overcome generational prejudices by focusing on purpose and vision.

Avocado cut in half

Humans have always found reasons to judge each other. Each generation thinks they are better than the one before them and smarter than the one behind. This sort of generational judgment shows up in the media and around the water cooler in every workplace.

‘Young people don’t know what hard work is,’ goes the common catchcry about Gen Y and Millennials. ‘They care more about social media than work, they spend all their money on coffee and smashed avocado and wonder why they can’t afford a property.’

And what about the judgments thrown at Gen X and the Baby Boomers? ‘They can’t use technology or think independently,’ younger people lament. ‘They had it so much easier than us and now they own all the property.’

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