Speaking human: The way savvy leaders influence their people, teams and organisations

  • Change the language and you can change the culture.
  • Be deliberate about developing a shared language within the organisation.
  • Be wary of categories as they carry associations and stigmas that are difficult to break.

Woman in corporate meeting explaining to the group

At the core of good leadership is the ability to influence — to change or make something happen. Without influence, nothing and no-one changes. And that’s as good as a death knell in this fast-paced business landscape.

The teams of the very near future will be vastly different. The ability to go beyond technical expertise and embrace human skills will be what keeps leaders relevant: inspiring people to do their best work; helping them navigate inevitable change; increasing productivity; promoting innovation; keeping them safe, healthy and happy. Making a difference. Leaving a legacy. These are the hallmarks of a leader skilled in the art of influence.

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