Online vulnerabilities facing small business today

  • Cybercrime presents a very real and ever present danger to most businesses.
  • Ransomware is one of the fastest climbing online offences in the world today.
  • This article covers four online vulnerabilities and offers a guide to help small businesses reduce their risk.

Person holding credit card near laptop

Anyone who uses the internet today, is at risk of cybercrime. According to AimeeO’Driscoll, cybercrime is predicted to cost over $21 billion in damages1 by 2021 with Australia ranked nineteenth2 in the world for cyber-attacks.3 According to Small Business Trends, 43 per cent of small to medium size businesses are targets forcyber-attacks.4

Quite apart from the impact cybercrime can have on the internal operations of any business, with the commencement of the National Data Breaches scheme, businesses who fall victim to cybercrime, and in particular data breaches, are now required by law to inform both the Information Commissioner and any individuals who may have been put at risk.

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