Achieving more with less: The formula for success

  • This article summarises qualitative research from 35 Australian organisations with a stated intention of achieving more with less.
  • Consistent themes emerged on where organisations are succeeding and failing.
  • The key questions in this article can act as an organisational health check to drive stronger performance.

Success chart

Most leaders and boards will at some point look at their organisation, their stakeholder expectations and their balance sheet before reaching the conclusion ‘we need to do more with less’. This article reveals that the level of success in achieving this objective varies dramatically, and the outcome depends on the organisation’s ability to manage key issues.

This article summarises those issues and how organisations have successfully tackled them.

Research overview

This information was gathered through structured qualitative interviews on the subject of ‘achieving more with less’ with leaders from 35 Australian organisations including 20 ASX top 100 organisations, five multinationals and three government organisations. The organisations were from the following industries, all of which had a stated intention in the last three years to‘achieve more with less’:

  • banking and finance
  • FMCG
  • retail
  • energy
  • oil and gas
  • resources
  • government
  • entertainment
  • healthcare
  • insurance

All organisations have requested and been assured of anonymity in order to allow them to speak freely about the relative success or failure of their initiatives.Compare the following insights to your own organisation by using the questions provided; where there are inconsistencies, these may represent a strong opportunity to improve your organisation’s performance.

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