Are you outsourcing your change leadership?

  • To effectively lead change and make it stick, leaders need to first understand themselves.
  • The more power a person feels the more confident they are of the accuracy of their thoughts and beliefs.
  • Governance professionals can help to ensure that the decision-making process is robust, and provide counsel when the change work begins and roadblocks and challenges arise.

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Everywhere you look, change is on the horizon. Change that is driven by both internal and external drivers, including regulation, consumer expectations, market forces, technology, new board members or a new CEO. These drivers are changing not just the ‘what’ people do at work, but the ‘how’ they do it, with a consequent increase in pressure and demand for results.

The rate of change is exponential, but as governance professionals know all too well many workplaces are struggling to deal with it. Increasing the ability of organisations to thrive in a complex, changing world starts with equipping senior leaders with the capability, capacity and courage to lead the change. This starts with challenging the role that directors and executives see themselves playing in times of change. Governance professionals have a pivotal part to play in enabling that to happen.

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