Organisational redesign for the digital age

  • An agile organisation requires human resources and remuneration strategies that maximise ROI without jeopardising compliance.
  • This article examines the macro trends currently affecting businesses.
  • It provides the do’s and don’ts of organisational redesign, flexible working and the digital workplace.

Business man holding transparent tablet with digital elements

Disruption is here to stay, and smart businesses in Australia are adopting organisational redesign as a good habit, rather than saving it as a last resort. Swiftly changing customer preferences, coupled with geographically mobile talent and an ever-present focus on tightening the belt, make flexible resourcing and remuneration strategies a must for organisations seeking to thrive, rather than merely survive.

Organisational redesign: Why it’s good for your company’s health

Organisational redesign has a bad reputation. Ever since the ‘80s the phrase has been closely associated with restructuring, bonus cuts and layoffs, and gives chills to employees and employers alike. It’s time to start viewing organisational redesign as a part of a company’s fitness routine, rather than a crash diet.

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