Interview— Karin Geraghty: Digital transformation requires a different mindset

Zilla Efrat speaks with Karin Geraghty about digital government.

Karin Geraghty

When it comes to digital transformation, technology is only an enabler. What counts is how we use it to transform our business models and customer experiences.

That is the view of Karin Geraghty, chief information and communication technology (ICT) and digital strategist at the Department of the Premier and Cabinet of South Australia.

‘It’s not what ICT does. It’s how an organisation uses it to transform itself to represent value and in the case of government, public value,’ she adds. In fact, she believes we should rethink digital transformation as ‘business model transformation’ or ‘customer experience transformation’.

‘It can help to think about it differently,’ she says.

According to Geraghty, we are in the middle of a paradigm shift — a move into the fourth industrial revolution. It is dominated by new technology trends, such as machine learning and robotics, and these are fundamentally reshaping how we approach the world and governance.

‘In the industrial age, everything was set up for stability and risk mitigation. Now we are looking at new developments like co-design with customers, minimum viable products and so on,’ she says.

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