How to get your employees to work 24/7!

  • How do organisations generate a level of motivation among their employees and so capture the benefits from light bulb insights?
  • When staff are engaged their sub-conscious mind as well as their conscious mind think about work inside and outside work hours.
  • For meetings to capture light bulb insights they need to be structured accordingly.

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No, we are not talking sweatshops and about slave labour. Quite the opposite — we are talking about your most motivated and happiest employees and a particular characteristic of those employees — light bulb moments.

Light bulb moments

I undertook a survey of friends and acquaintances to determine the circumstances in which they most frequently got their inspiration or break-through idea. Here is a summary of results.

Sam, a financial planner, said ‘My light bulb moments come generally at 3–4am in the morning when I am thinking about issues. It can also come when I am in the shower. It is thought after thinking issues through and there is a staged understanding. I go to conferences and the ideas come in the plane going home. The super rules are changing and they are very complex. Over the weekend on Friday and Saturday night the light bulb went on about how to explain to my clients.’

Bill also clarified the difference when real passion and involvement are in play: ‘For work, I rarely cared unless I was engaged and felt like I was either winning or I got some praise. Other than that I probably went years without a creative moment on work except when solving a problem related to my home renovation that I cared about.’ I only get these moments in the shower when I am determined and motivated. Now I do it for my business because the cause is the passion.

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