How to use projects to engage your team and increase your leadership impact

  • Strategic projects are a means of increasing the leverage that senior leaders get from an engaged team.
  • Senior leaders must create an environment where strategic projects are viewed as an investment in the business’s future.
  • Projectifying your strategic activities enables the continuous process of assessing your strategic portfolio and adjusting the projects based on current priorities and emerging opportunities.

Team of people working on a jigsaw puzzle

To thrive in today’s highly dynamic business environment, organisations need a model for governance that is imbued with action and impact rather than process and analysis. This new model requires leaders to maintain a strategic purpose for guiding business priorities and direction, and leadership that consistently and persistently adapts the organisation to the changing business landscape in order to serve that purpose.

Yet, unprecedented demands on the time and attention of senior managers means that their leadership alone is inadequate to keep pace with changing market conditions and the ever-shifting needs of customers. To create impact, the leadership of senior managers must be leveraged across the organisation.

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