Global AGM trends in 2018

  • Improved technology is enabling the take-up of hybrid AGMs.
  • The United States is leading the way for virtual meetings.
  • The focus is now on best practice and how to increase the relevance and purpose of the AGM.

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The much-discussed transition towards hybrid annual general meetings appears to be gathering pace in Australia. In the past two years a small but growing number of ASX listed companies have added an online component to their physical meetings. The introduction of this technology has allowed wider access to the meeting, with remote participants now able to both vote and ask questions in the same way as in-room attendees, in addition to viewing proceedings via a webcast.

These advances by listed entities, come in addition to the technology being more widely adopted by non-listed (in particular, member-based) organisations. A number of these have gone a step further and made the leap to fully virtual meetings by dispensing with the traditional, in person, meeting.

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