Being that corporate mate around town

  • Being a responsible company begins with being mindful of your surroundings and adapting your behaviours to have the maximum positive fallout from your acts or omissions.
  • Triple bottom line (TBL) reporting means that social, environmental and financial outcomes are all measured to determine the past, present and future predictable performance of a company.
  • Corporations have a commensurate responsibility for allowance to operate with limited liability, as the way they conduct their business affects society and the environment, just as any individual’s does.

Businessman smiling at camera with his finger pointed at viewer

Companies are legal persons with the capacity to do all that individuals can do — enter into contracts, sue and be sued, buy, own and sell land. With the rights of an individual come the responsibilities of a citizen of society.

You actually are the centre of your universe. Each individual’s sphere of influence radiates from their actions, thoughts, hopes and dreams. Every person’s life is like a stone thrown in a lake. Far-reaching ripples influencing, affecting and interconnecting with the ripples of other lives.

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