Interview — Guy Herbert: Getting Agile at Atlassian

Organisations will see more ownership at the coal face of risk management and it will be teams, not lone geniuses solving problems, says Guy Herbert, head of IT risk and compliance at Atlassian.

 Guy Herbert

‘If you look at the Nobel prizes, they are now increasingly going to teams of people, not individuals.’

Looking ahead, Herbert, who is also Atlassian’s risk futurist, believes that there will also be more openness in the transmission of information across an organisation. And, that more and more companies will embrace Agile management techniques, just as ANZ recently has in a bid to transform to a leaner and more responsive bank.

‘A lot of organisations realise that they need to be more adaptable because the market is changing so fast now,’ he says. ‘They need the adaptability that Agile gives them.’

An Agile culture certainly helped Herbert when he joined Atlassian four years ago after more than 20 years of working in risk management at companies such as Westpac, Macquarie, Ericsson, Optus and Pfizer.

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