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Post-pandemic restructure and recovery on the agenda

Several weeks after the primary response to COVID-19, business leaders are now being called on to think fast about the strategies for the post-pandemic restructure and recovery. The sheer scale and volatility of the crisis makes this a hugely challenging task.

On the one hand is the extraordinary humanitarian impact that has been the focus of the primary response as health and safety of the workforce, the disruption of supply and demand and the consequences for customers dominated the attention of business leaders across sectors. On the other hand, there is the imperative for continuous engagement and communication with stakeholders including employees, customers, shareholders, investors and investor representatives.

These issues will be put under the spotlight at the upcoming Virtual Governance and Risk Management Forum at a key session on how the actions of business leaders in shaping strategies for business continuity will set the stage for recovery.

The panel will feature Mark Allison, CEO at Elders; John Brogden AM, CEO at Landcom and Chairman at Lifeline; and Andrea Staines OAM, Non-executive Director, SeaLink and UnitingCare Queensland. The panel will offer a cross sector perspective on how Australian organisations will need to reframe, rebuild and restructure post-COVID-19.

Reflecting on the themes in the lead up to the conference, panellist Mark Allison said: “Taking a strategic view with an amended business model utilising sustainable competitive advantages in the new world must be the focus rather than an opportunistic approach based on short term support packages”

Social distance, remote workforce, disrupted supply chains and the streamlining of online operations are dominating discussions on business continuity and strategy. As a consequence there has been a sea-change in the behaviour of customers. The customer will be the core of the recovery effort for organisations as they start to plan for a post-COVID-19 business landscape, Mr Allison said.

“COVID 19 has accelerated online uptake and adapting to this and broader changes in meeting our customer needs will be key.”

The panel will also discuss the role to be played by boards and executives in navigating this complex landscape, and the drivers for sustainable recovery in the post-COVID-19 world.

This discussion on the opening day of the Virtual Governance and Risk Management Forum will set stage for a broad two-day agenda which features insights and strategies from regulators, company secretaries, economists, CROs, CIOs, board directors and governance and risk management experts from across many key sectors.

For more information about the Virtual Governance and Risk Management Forum 2020 and to register, please click here.

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