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Evolution of AI Governance Standards

The Governance Institute of Australia, in collaboration with the CSIRO’s National Artificial Intelligence Centre’s Responsible AI Network, will host the “Evolution of AI Governance Standards Webinar” on 5 December, as part of Australia’s AI Month.

With the ever-increasing adoption of AI and machine learning, the need for effective governance standards is urgent for all sectors and industries to keep pace with the rapid deployment.

This virtual forum will shed light on key topics related to AI governance, such as:

  • Integrating Governance into Model Development
  • Responsible AI Concepts
  • Tips for Successful AI Governance
  • Risk Examination
  • Global AI Standards and Australia’s Commitment

The webinar will also feature distinguished speakers including Aurelie Jacquet, Principal Research Consultant for Responsible AI at CSIRO-DATA61. Aurelie is a leading figure in global initiatives for Responsible AI, representing Australia on international AI standards committees and contributing to the World Economic Forum’s Global AI Action Alliance.

Chris Dolman, Fellow at the Gradient Institute will focus on ensuring responsible and ethical AI and data-driven decision-making. Mr Dolman was honored as the 2022 Actuary of the Year for his outstanding work on data ethics and responsible AI.

Soraya Selinger, Manager Strategic Initiatives at Standards Australia will share her expertise and insights in standards development and strategic initiatives.

Governance and Risk management professionals shouldn’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of AI governance standards and their implications for decision-making, ethics, and the global regulatory landscape.

For more information and registration details, visit Governance Institute of Australia’s website.

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