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Director ID updated message

Director IDs

All directors of Australian companies who have not yet applied for a director ID must apply for one now.

Speaking at a recent SMSF Association National Conference, Australian Taxation Office (ATO) deputy commissioner, superannuation and employer obligations Emma

Rosenzweig said around 100,000, or one in seven, SMSF directors still need to apply for their director ID.

A director ID is a unique identifier that you apply for once and keep forever. Director ID benefits the Australian community by helping to protect honest businesses, their suppliers and their workers from illegal activity such as the use of false director identities and illegal phoenixing.

Ms Rosenzweig said the original deadline of 30 November was pushed back by two weeks to give people facing reasonable difficulties more time apply, with the ATO taking a reasonable approach to penalties.

“We’re not at the point of imposing penalties yet, but that time will come. It’s not only penalties that can be applied – there are other options that we have available as well,” she said.

The ATO has warned penalties may apply for directors who have deliberately not met their obligations.

If you missed the deadline, you must apply for your director ID as soon as possible, as it is a criminal offence not to apply when required to do so.

The easiest and fastest way to get your director ID is to apply online at It’s free to apply for a director ID, and you must do it yourself – no-one can apply for a director ID on your behalf.

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