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News update — July 2024

AI in Board Meetings: Challenges and Considerations

Governance Institute’s new issues paper explores the opportunities and limitations of adopting AI in board meetings.

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Circular Resolutions of Directors’ Meetings: What you need to know

Governance Institute’s updated guide is a key resource for understanding and using circular resolutions.

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Can you navigate the challenges of AI Regulation?

LexisNexis analyses AI regulation, discusses proposed frameworks for responsible AI development, and outlines the evolving AI regulatory environment’s impact on businesses. (Sponsored article)

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5 steps boards can take to empower CISOs and strengthen their relationship

Global regulatory changes have heightened the importance of the CISO role, making strong communication with the Board essential—so what exactly does an effective Board/CISO relationship need?

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Empowering Change: Self-Determination at the heart of the Indigenous Governance Forum

In collaboration with the Australian Indigenous Governance Institute, the Governance Institute recently hosted its annual Indigenous Governance Forum. 

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Q&A with Governance Institute 

Each month in our News Update, the Governance Institute will answer some common questions about governance and risk management.

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