New edition of Public Sector Governance

Governance Institute of Australia has released a new edition of Public Sector Governance.

Public sector agencies and departments take many forms and play important regulatory, legislative and public policy roles. The public sector is also a significant employer and provider of services to the community. In recent years, public sector accountability has grown to such an extent that agencies and departments are generally expected to meet governance standards of a kind similar to those which apply to listed public companies. This publication provides a practical overview of the components needed to develop and implement a governance framework in a range of public sector entities.

If you are a governance professional in a public sector entity, you need to know:

  • how public sector entities fit into the structure of governments
  • the reporting requirements that are imposed on public sector entities
  • the relationship between agencies, departments and Ministers
  • the possible governance arrangements or structures that may apply
  • the principles of enterprise risk management most applicable to public sector entities.

Governance Institute members are entitled to download Public Sector Governance at no cost and it is available for purchase by non-members.

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