ASX to change online forms, ASX Listing Rule appendices from 1 December 2019

A timely reminder that changes to ASX online forms and other ASX Listing Rule appendices will be effective from 1 December 2019.

On 14 October 2019, in Compliance Update 09/19, ASX provided details of major ASX Listing Rule changes. These include the introduction of the following new and updated forms to notify ASX of various corporate actions:

  • New online forms to notify ASX of:

- proposed issues of securities by listed entities (Appendix 3B); and

- for those dual-listed entities that have CDIs issued over their quoted securities, the number of CDIs on issue on a monthly basis (Appendix 4A).

  • New Microsoft Word forms to be used to:

- apply for quotation of securities (Appendix 2A); and

- notify issues, conversions or payment up of unquoted securities (Appendix 3G).

ASX has advised that the new Word forms mentioned above, as well as a several other Listing Rule forms, will be available through ASX Online in due course.

In conjunction with these changes, ASX is also taking the opportunity to update:

  • The existing online forms used to announce:

- dividends/distributions (Appendix 3A.1);

- interest payments (Appendix 3A.2);

- security consolidations/splits (Appendix 3A.3); and

- cash returns of capital (Appendix 3A.4).

  • The existing Microsoft Word forms used to announce:

- returns of capital by way of an in-specie distribution in another entity (Appendix 3A.5); and

- notification of calls (Appendix 3A.6).

All of the above new or updated forms are expected to be available for use from Monday 2 December 2019, on the ASX Online for Companies website.

Ahead of this change, ASX will provide a new ASX Online training environment from Thursday 31 October to Friday 29 November 2019 for issuers to preview the new and updated online forms.

ASX will also provide a summary of the updates and additional training material on the Login and Help pages.

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