Building an ethical Artificial Intelligence framework for Australia

The Federal Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation and Science closed the first round of submissions on its discussion paper, “Artificial Intelligence: Australia’s Ethics Framework.”

The discussion paper was developed by CSIRO’s Data61 and designed to encourage conversations about Artificial Intelligence (AI) ethics in Australia.

While AI has long been a sci-fi movie mainstay, only in recent years has it reached the sophistication to be taken seriously as both an opportunity, and risk, to Australian businesses and government. It has the potential to provide social, economic, and environmental benefits -  for Australia to become a world leader in a rapidly evolving field, it’s important for citizens to have their say, and trust ‘buy-in’ to supervise how AI is being designed, developed and used by business and government.

The Governance Institute’s Policy and Advocacy team has been working closely with our members and councils to draft the association’s stance on the ethical practice of AI, and recently put its submission to the government.

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