OECD issues factbook on corporate governance

The OECD has published a second edition of its factbook on corporate governance. It provides the most comprehensive catalogue to date of the legal and regulatory frameworks, institutions and practices in place across more than 40 OECD and partner jurisdictions, to help policy-makers understand how different jurisdictions address the corporate governance issues and challenges raised in the OECD Corporate Governance Principles in practice. The aim is to ensure there is an easily accessible and up-to-date, factual underpinning for understanding countries’ institutional, legal and regulatory frameworks, and to support their further implementation of good corporate governance practices.

The factbook covers:

  • the ownership structure of listed companies
  • regulatory framework of corporate governance
  • the main public regulators of corporate governance
  • stock exchanges by legal origin
  • basic board structure and board independence
  • board-level committees
  • governance of board and key executive remuneration
  • notification of general meetings and information provided to shareholders
  • shareholders’ rights to request a meeting and place items on the agenda
  • shareholder voting
  • related party transactions
  • takeover bid rules.

Primarily intended as a resource for national governments with access to up-to-date information on corporate governance practices across OECD countries, for the purposes of comparison and analysis, the factbook is also designed to facilitate the effective implementation of the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance which are in the process of revision. Both the factbook and the revised Principles are intended to assist market participants and policy makers in responding to emerging corporate governance risks, particularly in light of the corporate governance challenges that came into focus in the wake of the global financial crisis.

The factbook can be downloaded here.

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