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  • Top 200 companies overwhelmingly support two-tiered solution


    Chartered Secretaries of Australia’s Top 200 companies overwhelmingly support a two-tiered solution to the standoff over shareholder requirements to call an Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM) a new survey has revealed.

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  • Two-Tier Solution to Shareholder Participation in Deadlock


    In a direct bid to break the stand-off over shareholder participation, Chartered Secretaries Australia (CSA), has proposed a two-tiered system for the calling of Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs) that recognises the need for shareholders to voice their concerns whilst having regard to the overall size of ownership of companies.

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  • Get it in Writing: Professional Responsibilities Override Company Interest


    Company secretaries fulfilling the role of general counsel should have employment contracts that ensure their professional and ethical responsibilities are not overridden by organisational interests or they risk losing professional privilege, Company Secretaries Australia (CSA) has warned.

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  • Minimum qualifications - Don't give up

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  • ASIC's consultative approach to be applauded


    Corporate Governance is an issue that occupies a great deal of company boards' time and
    thoughts. Like almost any issue with an ethical dimension however, it does not have one
    single and simple manner in which it should be addressed. Nor is there any precedence or
    benchmark to provide guidance on whether or not a governance initiative can be made

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  • Company Secretaries should be Qualified says CSA


    Appropriate minimum qualifications for company secretaries would ensure greater
    protection for stakeholders, improve compliance and reduce law enforcement costs, the peak body for compliance has claimed in a submission to the Companies & Securities Advisory Committee (CASAC).

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