Governance Institute welcomes new code of conduct for parliamentary behaviour

A new code of conduct for Federal politicians and staff has been welcomed by the Governance Institute as an important but long overdue measure.

The new behaviour standards, which have been passed today will apply to all activity within parliamentary precincts and includes requirements for people to:

  • Act respectfully, professionally and with integrity.
  • Encourage and value diverse perspectives and recognise the importance of a free exchange of ideas.
  • Recognise and not abuse positions of power, influence or authority.
  • Uphold laws that support safe and respectful workplaces, including anti-discrimination, employment, work health and safety and criminal laws.
  • Not ignore, tolerate nor condone bullying, harassment, sexual harassment or assault, or discrimination in any form, including on the grounds of race, age, sex, sexuality, gender identity, disability, or religion.

Governance Institute CEO Megan Motto said the new code will be an important tool to improve the culture of government and trust in the institution.

'We've seen study after study that demonstrates that trust in public institutions is low,' Ms Motto said.

'In particular, our own ethics index has shown that politicians from all levels of government appear in three of the bottom five of the least ethically perceived professions in Australia.'

Ms Motto said a safer and better working environment in parliament sets the tone for organisations across the country.

'It's incredibly important that we have good culture in our parliament and that our parliament adheres to the key tenets of what makes up good governance,' Ms Motto said.

The Institute’s submission to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Workplaces Inquiry can be found here.

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