Outgoing Governance Institute CEO to drive good governance globally

Outgoing Governance Institute chief executive Tim Sheehy has been appointed the inaugural Director General of the UK based Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) to address the urgent need for good governance in emerging economies.

“With a strong presence in 65 countries, ICSA — under Tim’s leadership — is uniquely placed to spearhead a global push to embed in emerging economies sound governance practices in line with those in more mature economies such as Australia, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom,” ICSA President Frank Bush commented.

“In a world rapidly transitioning to a global economy, we are confident ICSA’s long-standing, internationally developed qualifying program can be established as the aspirational benchmark for governance professionals worldwide. Tim brings to the task successful management skills, an education background and strong advocacy skills.

”The combination of ICSA’s international presence and expert body of knowledge with Tim’s demonstrated track record in driving the governance agenda will significantly raise the bar in developed and developing economies,” Mr Bush added.

In fact Tim is committed to achieving the same outcomes for ICSA that he achieved in his 15 years in the top job at Governance Institute where he transitioned the former professional association for chartered secretaries into a governance powerhouse.

As Governance Institute President Ms Trisha Mok said, “Tim has done an outstanding job steering the broader business community towards recognition of the importance of governance and the value a company secretary and governance adviser adds to an organisation. 

“Not only have Tim’s achievements at Governance Institute been many and far-reaching, they have established the organisation’s standing as the leading independent voice on governance with key regulators and policy makers and it is these very skills that will enable him to drive the good governance agenda globally,” Mr Mok said.

According to Tim, education and training go to the very core of good governance.

“It is Governance Institute’s role as the premier educator that has played a large part in establishing it as the peak body for whole-of-organisation governance in Australia, and it is this same focus on education and training that will enable emerging economies to build the trust, confidence and integrity required to successfully participate in a global marketplace,” Tim said.

Nor is Tim’s commitment to education and training confined to upskilling governance professionals in emerging economies.  He has also accepted the role Adjunct Professor in Governance at Western Sydney University.

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About Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators

ICSA is the chartered membership and qualifying body in the United Kingdom for people working in governance, risk and compliance, including company secretaries. With over 120 years' experience, it develops the skills, knowledge and experience of governance professionals through its qualifications, training, high-quality guidance and technical know-how.

It is the only qualifying body for chartered secretaries, whose broad skillset includes law, governance and compliance, and who are fundamental to the smooth running of organisations. In UK listed companies, the role is recognised by the Companies Act 2006 and the UK Corporate Governance Code.


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