Governance Institute in the news

Highlights in 2020

A selection of press clippings where Governance Institute has provided media comment.

Publication Title Date
Sydney Morning Herald There was no authority on how to handle this': How sport negotiated its way through COVID 12/12/20
Lawyers Weekly Post-pandemic changes will see constant need for adaptation in risk management 8/12/20
ABC Radio Ranking Australia’s most and least ethical occupations 24/11/20
Sydney Morning Herald We're selling houses, they're saving lives': The professions rated the most ethical during the pandemic 24/11/20
Australian Financial Review – BOSS 'Before you go to bed, tell the right person': advice to CEOs 17/11/20
Lawyers Weekly Major overhaul of governance needed for the aged care sector  25/10/2020
Probone Australia Pivoting on a pinhead and keeping calm under pressure: NFP leaders share how they responded to COVID-19 22/10/2020
Inside Ageing Call for new governance standard in aged care 22/10/2020
In the Black

Top tips from experts on conducting a risk assessment

Lawyers Weekly

Budget 2020: Lawyers react to Frydenberg delivery 

Lawyers Weekly

Navigating the new world of virtual AGMs

Financial Standard Sustainability

Governance Institute backs recommendations for virtual AGMs

Lawyers Weekly

Governance Crisis challenges highlight transformation throughout pandemic

Lawyers Weekly

Let's keep equality on the agenda during COVID-19

National Seniors Australia 

Spotlight on aged care governance needed 


Lawyers Weekly

Workplace transformations well underway across corporate Australia 31/07/2020

Lawyers Weekly 

Time to life governance in the aged care sector  30/07/2020

Australian Ageing Agenda 

Calls for funding to cover aged care pandemic leave entitlement  29/07/2020
Inside Ageing  Cost of pandemic leave should be absorbed by government - not business  28/07/2020
Lawyers Weekly  Cutting red tape for business communications will help modernise operations 18/06/2020
Minister Ellison news  Why not make the changes permanent? The Governance Institute has called for the government to bring the Corporations Act into the 21st century  10/06/2020
The Business Conversation "Overdue" changes to Corporation Act welcomed by Governance Institute  06/05/2020
Accountants Daily  COVID-19 an 'opportunity' for tax reform 23/04/2020
Lawyers Weekly The-GC's role during COVID-19 07/04/2020
Lawyers Weekly Further changes needed to upcoming AGMs  07/04/2020
The Sustainability Report  Thinking about the future of work in the time of coronavirus  21/03/2020
The Business Conversation Coronavirus (COVID-19) puts continuity planning, supply chain issues and staff travel under the spotlight 10/03/2020


Highlights of 2019

A selection of press clippings where Governance Institute has provided media comment.

Publication Title Date

The Drum

The Australian

Boards feel the pinch on pay as Hayne fallout hits home


Sydney Morning Herald / The Age

Finance CEOs and chairmen hit with 11pc Hayne pay cut 04/06/2019


Regulators are risk industry’s number one fear 03/06/2019

Australian Financial Review

PwC concerned over retired partner payments 08/03/2019
The Australian Social licence’ principle dumped 28/02/2019
Australian Financial Review ASX governance council dumps 'social licence to operate' from guidance 27/02/2019
Women’s Agenda It’s not just the board and CEO that can improve workplace culture. Diversity is key. 27/02/2019
Lawyer’s Weekly Dealing with regulation in the wake of the Hayne royal commission at a practical level 19/02/2019
The Australian Costello calls for NAB chair to leave sooner, not later 12/02/2019
Sydney Morning Herald / The Age Stay the course on cost-cutting, investors tell NAB 11/02/2019

Highlights of 2018

Publication Title Date
The Australian  Directors face harsh realities 04/12/2018
The Australian  John Wylie: Culture of caution ‘bad for nation’ 03/12/2018
Lawyer’s Weekly  Podcast: How ethical are lawyers in the eyes of Australians? 24/08/2018
Business Insider  The reputation of Australia's financial industry has collapsed, and now ranks last in a major survey 20/08/2018
Sydney Morning Herald  Ethics in banking? That's a negative 15/08/2018
The Mandarin  How the bureaucrats (and politicians) rate on the new ethics index 25/07/2018
Sydney Morning Herald  Call for shareholder action to prevent more banking 'horror stories' 2/07/2018
SkyNews AMP remuneration not linked to accountability: Governance Institute CEO 10/05/2018