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  • Day two — top takeaways from our Virtual Governance and Risk Management Forum

    by Leon Cox, General Manager Membership, Governance Institute of Australia

    I’ve  been blown away by the calibre of speakers, attendee engagement and sponsor support for this event. Thank you for getting involved in this memorable, first-ever Virtual Governance and Risk Management Forum. 

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  • Day one — My top 8 takeaways from our first-ever Virtual Governance and Risk Management Forum

    by Megan Motto, CEO, Governance Institute of Australia

    What a phenomenal first day! We can safely say that COVID-19 hasn’t got in the way of good governance. It has presented new and unique challenges - and we’re using the learnings to continue lifting the bar on good governance.  Here are my top 8 highlights from day one of Virtual Governance and Risk Management Forum

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  • Adapting risk and compliance frameworks in the current business landscape

    by Darren Jacobs, Business Director, ReadiNow

    SPONSORED BLOG: There is no doubt that the current pandemic has forced all organisations to adapt their business operating models. From delayed projects to financial losses, cost-cutting, suspension of various business activities, plans and operations are some of the challenges that enterprises are facing today.

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  • Holding Redlich is a proud sponsor of the Virtual Governance and Risk Management Forum 2020

    by Lyn Nicholson, General Counsel, Holding Redlich

    SPONSORED BLOG: As organisations manage the myriad unique threats and emerging business issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, business leaders from across key sectors will share their expertise and insights on adaptable strategies and frameworks for responsible governance and agile risk management at this unprecedented time.

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  • Creating a future fit governance system

    by Guy Gilead, Nasdaq Governance Solutions

    SPONSORED BLOG: COVID-19 has brought the world to a pause. It’s as if we have all been sent to our rooms to think about what we have done.

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  • Five essential boardroom tools for the company secretary

    by Diligent (sponsored blog)

    SPONSORED BLOG: The role of the company secretary is changing rapidly. Company secretaries are dealing with more complexity and new technologies, as well as a faster pace of change. With these diverse and complex responsibilities, the company secretary needs solid technology that can facilitate pressing demands efficiently and securely. Below are some key tools that your company secretary (and Board) should be able to access.

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