Year: 2018

  • Five lessons for anyone transitioning to a board role

    by Alan Evans FGIA, Managing Director and Chairman, Governance One and Non-Executive Director, Governance Institute of Australia
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  • Governance regulation at a crossroads

    by Catherine Maxwell FGIA, Executive Manager, Policy & Advocacy

    Australian governance practitioners are proud of our system of governance. A mix of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ law — hard law in the Corporations Act 2001 and case law and soft law, the ‘if not, why not?’ approach in the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.

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  • Top five governance issues for public sector professionals

    by Tony Nippard FGIA, Managing Director, NIPPARD Pty Ltd, and Chair of Governance Institute’s Public Sector Governance Forum

    Governance hasn’t been out of the headlines over recent months — and the learnings are as crucial for the public sector, as any other sector. Here are my top five governance issues for public sector professionals.

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  • Women in leadership — tips from a Director

    by Elissa Lippiatt, Director at ECOVIS Clark Jacobs

    There are key advantages to having more women in leadership positions. Elissa Lippiatt, Director, ECOVIS Clark Jacobs shares her top tips for women striving to reach executive level. 

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  • Australians lose faith in corporate ethics in wake of banking scandals

    by Steven Burrell, Chief Executive, Governance Institute of Australia

    Australians expect high standards from their financial institutions, but our research suggests that these are far from being met. Continuing scandals and revelations from the Hayne Royal Commission are further eroding Australians’ trust in the ethical behaviour of companies, according to the findings of Governance Institute of Australia’s annual Ethics Index.

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  • New Corporate Governance Principles too prescriptive

    by Steven Burrell, Chief Executive Officer, Governance Institute of Australia

    As you may have read in today’s AFR, Governance Institute of Australia has raised concerns with the draft 4th edition of the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (Principles and Recommendations), including the increased level of prescription in a number of areas and the  inclusion of imprecise terms such as ‘social licence to operate’.

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